About the Author



35 year old Indian, tasted all the flavors of life in a relatively short span. Thanks to all those who were part of this journey so far.  By profession I am a Senior Manager in an IT company. By passion I wanted to be a cricketer just like any average Indian male does. However, currently love to travel, write and take pictures to give some oxygen to my soul. Miss my dad & love my 2 years old lab (Sophie)   the most.

Mostly go by my mind and seldom by my heart. Love to read and occasionally write quotes. Always try to be self motivating and be ready for most of the challenges life has to offer. Have been in love, being married for some years and presently divorced. Love to eat all kind of cuisines. Normally love to drive fast and simply adore my car.

I consider if I can face the mirror and be true to that person daily then my job is done.

Bucket list still:

  • Travel the world as much as possible.
  • Write a book and get it published.
  • Have a vacation home in Ladakh.
  • Drive once in a car racing circuit.
  • Be a motivational speaker.
  • Change in a positive way as much lives as possible.
  • Peaceful death without suffering whenever it happens.

Apart from the last one, want to tick the remaining.

Latest quote which I am in love with now.

“We live alone, we die alone, everything else is just an illusion”.






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