Mister and Misses

Was just auditing my life and the below list came up as the observations on what areas I am missing.

  • I miss the weekly Friday tests of my school life, it was actually good I used to be focused for the entire week.
  • I miss my Xavier’s school days tiffin breaks, running around in the jungle and playing a lot of games with my friends.
  • I miss Durgapur in general and many specific places and roads there.
  • I miss playing cricket, football, chess, table tennis, badminton, video games.
  • I miss drawing and painting.
  • I miss going to market with my father and see him bargaining slightly with the vegetable vendors.
  • I miss the Old Spice fragrance of my dad after he used to shave. I miss everything about him.
  • I miss my cat Bibo.
  • I miss catching fish in my village pond.
  • I miss riding my red Scooty.
  • I miss dancing on Vijaya Dasami (during Durga Puja) on the beats of the dhaak (drums).
  • I miss the long drives during long weekends and holidays in USA.
  • I miss Sassenheim, Schevinengen beach, Centrum of The Hague.
  • I miss watching TV.
  • I miss being in love and being loved.
  • I miss spending time with Dada (my big brother).
  • I miss a good solid 8 hrs sleep long nowadays.
  • I miss crying.
  • I miss being my earlier me.


“The world breaks everyone and afterwards some are strong at the broken places.”


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