Yesterday evening was an evening to remember for a long long time. Met a person who is a celebrity.But we are kind of passengers of the same boat and hence immediately felt like we have known each other for years. Though this was the third time we were meeting and first time just two of us. We discussed everything under the moon ( as it was evening time) and the following lines were moral of many true experiences faced between each other so far in our lives. It’s perfectly alright for viewers to disagree with the below.

1. Don’t judge people and have prejudice you don’t know what the other person is going through.

2. Everyone does mistake in life but one needs to learn from their mistakes and don’t repeat them.

3. Women think in a compartmentalized fashion whereas men think considering the  entire picture . Such wonderful examples were cited to back up the conclusion. We both know this can be debated though but if such a debate happens we both will take side for this view.

4. Ignoring a person is the biggest form of insult one can do to another  person.

5. One should love people and use money but the world has full of people who  actually love money and use people.

6. All along, your heart always know

what is best for you but mind will always stand in between.

7. The toughest fight is the fight that is fought with oneself.

8. Truth is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction.

9. A 100% creative person (him) can connect with a 100% not creative person (me) and the relationship is like that between a singer and his audience. Actually heard few songs as well from him.

10. A little bit of alcohol and a lot of pain brings out the best and truth in every  human being.

Budweiser and magic moments indeed made two buddies wiser and also the moments truly magical.

On a lighter note being into IT industry the MOM (minutes of meeting) doesn’t seem to leave me anytime soon 🙂


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