Machli Baba


Powerfully emotional, intuitive, creative and caring, the Pisces man is sensitive and often your most trusted friend. Often exceptionally attractive, his most endearing traits are his humility and love of romance.

This is what came up when I was doing a casual google search to find myself ie Pisces characteristics of a male. This was a reason for a good laugh. Off late I have learnt to laugh at myself. Not that it came out wrong. But situation and circumstances have troubled this fish and left it to its own fate to die or jump back to the water. So thought of dissecting myself further per the result received.

Powerfully Emotional: Well emotion word itself is something I am totally not into at this point of time of my life. Sophie (my lab) remains an exception though 🙂

Intuitive: Well yes again at one point of time I used to be intuitive, but as I am gracefully aging I am losing this trait pretty fast.

Creative: The day I joined into IT world the creative part was long gone. Still have some tiny bit of inclination towards photography and writing nonetheless, but I am definitely not creative. I honestly haven’t created any thing so far in my life. Have ruined few things on the contrary 🙂

Caring: Definitely I have been caring all through and I would love to be so in the future as well as long as I connect with any living being.

Sensitive: Currently I do have a sensitive tooth sometimes but beyond that I am a stone, let’s put it like that. I have long learnt to make peace with everything.

Trusted friend: Trust works both ways in my opinion. So definitely if a person is trustworthy I continue to be a trusted friend.

Exceptionally Attractive: Well no comments on that as I do believe that is something my parents should take the praise or blame whichever the case is here.

Humility: Yeah this has not changed over the years and it will be till the last breathe. Being humble is something I got from Appu (my father) and once I meet him will give him back. Till then it will be safe with me with whatever miles I have to go before I sleep.

Love of romance: May be part of loving is also learning to let it go.I am not heartless however, I have learnt to use my heart less for my own good.

Miss being a true Piscean!



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