Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes

It’s AprilFull here and not AprilFool today.

Happiness is a state of mind…sometime we try our level best just to be a bit happy and at times we unknowingly have so much of it without even thinking or trying for it.

Something on the similar lines, it happened yesterday late afternoon when I came to office canteen to meet one of my friend. I saw few colleagues gathered in the ground floor and some kind of exhibition was happening. Thought just another stupid discount cloth shopping for Poila Baisakh (Bengali New Years day) or meaningful book sale on our premise.

However, taking a closer look found young boys and girls bubbling with energy explaining something. Thought of taking a closer look as such young boys and girls of 10-15 are not seen in office days normally. As I was coming down the stairs understood they were showing their hand made models, charts and explaining all the importance of natural energy like Solar, Wind, Water etc. I was amazed by the look in their eyes, such confidence along with such innocence.They were really focused on protecting our environment, caring for Mother Earth and explaining confidently the use of natural energy to 2-3 decade older people who always are tired of pressing keyboards and getting almost nothing apart from money from it. Sad part is majority of them forget to shut down their systems when they log off for the day to reduce carbon emission.

However, coming back made it a point to visit each group and understood from them what all they did. The excitement in their eyes was contagious. They felt so joyful once they were able to explain us the project they did. When questions were asked all of them were jumping in joy to answer those. Felt really happy to see that our company is taking care of these under privileged kids and meaningfully doing good to the society and its people.

At the same time remembered Mr Anup Gayen who does similar thing for his school Piyali Ashar Alo (To know more you can visit  https://www.facebook.com/pialiasharalo/) and indeed is a bright ray of hope for all the underprivileged kids. Someone who inspires me a lot as well.

So at times happiness comes like this as well, when you are least expecting it can be. Life is wonderful, it has a strange way of maintaining the equilibrium of emotions if you want to flow with the pace of it.

If anyone is still reading please don’t forget to see the smile of one such group with whom I met yesterday.Just look at the picture for 5 seconds and stare at their face you will understand what happiness is. If you still can’t please go see a doctor urgently 🙂

It takes sometimes absolutely nothing to be happy if you really want to be.



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