Real Santa Clauses, Merry Christmas

I was thinking from a long time to pen down something satisfying for my soul. What better occasion than to choose the day of merry Christmas. As Santa Claus brings in happiness and gifts for all so are the below 2 Santa Clauses makes me merry whenever I think about them.
The two persons whom I will introduce shortly has brought a lot of impact to my life. It’s just an attempt to acknowledge that their efforts does not go unnoticed.To the wider world as well, that people like these also inspires and helps us to become good in whatever way possible. They are indeed the best teachers unknowingly.


Masi as I call her (I don’t know her name till date) comes twice a month to clean our bathroom. We have couple of them in our mid size apartment just like anyone have these days. The smile Masi brings in as soon as she enters brings a sense of joy to
our mood. Sophie ( my dog) goes all out cheerful to see Masi. After that starts her 2 hr long marathon cleaning up process of our bathroom each time taking it back to the newest shine of first use. The amount of dedication she gives in cleaning up a bathroom speaks volume of her as a person. With wrapping her saree to cover her face from the pungent smelling acid and not taking any single break how many times I pursue her shows the pure
respect for her work and earns even more respect from me compared to a fellow white collar senior executive drawing fat salary.

I have learned to love and respect my white collar job and not feel bad about it anytime (though still at times I do) just watching Masi. She is indeed a very good teacher.She ensures to clean each and every nooks and corner of the bathroom.Many of those we have never told her to do.At the end when she comes out exhausted the bathroom seems smiling back to her as a mark of acknowledgement.I just provide a very small amount in my opinion for her tiring work, a cool glass of water and some sweets. Once I offered her a bit more money but then she refused stating that her service charge was less.
This kind of people are the backbone of our country and due to them our nation against all the challenges and problems continues to grow.Looking at them I still feel the bright ray of hope that my country will be one of the best in my lifetime.


Coming back to another soul Chandan whom I met while I was visiting Keonjhar couple of months back. He was a hotel staff (Keonjhar Panthanivas) who did everything. Right from delivering food to rooms,cleaning the hotel area, taking the orders, going out to main town to bring stuffs and what not. A teenager with a ever smiling face and so well behaved.I mean seriously I have seldom seen such a well behaved person in a long long time. The way he speaks the way he carried himself made a lasting impression to my memory and will be like that in the years to come.
When I asked which are the places he has visited around Keonjhar he sheepishly smiled and told not many as he never gets time to see anything. But not a slightest tone of frustration felt in his voice. When I told well today come with us I will show you around he said with a hearty laugh “Kitna kaam hain sir, kaun karega”. I felt sad and happy at the same time. Felt sad as whatever he does and the amount he gets paid cant ever be balanced. Felt happy because he is happy, that’s the most important thing. Then when I returned back from the hotel midway he gave me a call and told me i forgot my pendrive. Good part was I added him in whatsapp the other night before. I sent him my home address and in 5 days time he ensured the pen drive reached my house. Now we still sometimes chat in whatsapp.If anyone of you going to Keonjhar Panthanivas do say Hi from me to Chandan. For my part I wish to meet him definitely down the line.

So the soul intent of me penning their stories down is to make all of us understand we complain day in day out of so many issues around.But we seldom understand that amidst all problems if one tries to be happy they can. Well nowadays I derive peace and happiness from people like Masi and Chandan who are absolutely dedicated in whatever work they do. They are honest, cheerful, brings in positive vibe and most importantly simple people with no complexity whatsoever.These are the basic qualities a human being should have but how difficult to see, if we just start looking around.

Once again Merry Christmas to all!


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