When Love becomes just a 4 letter word!

It all started 15 years back in a small city
Where both of us were in the last leg of our teen, pity!
It started  off  two good friends, oblivious of their career
Yet, studying hard though no romance was there to be a barrier

2 years passed, both managed to find the same college
Love started slowly to creep in without their knowledge
4 years went with lots of fun and even more fights
Life was easy, though most of it was never right

Then came the test of love for them to take
Boy did bad but the girl was there to make
A year passed by and they tied the knot
Was it a good thing done? let’s see at the end of this plot

Life never remained the same, post marriage
It was all about career,ambition,love,famliy -in state of mismanage
Time and again she called it quit
Yet everytime something stopped them to split

Was it love or was it habit? fear of society? losing company?
It could not be answered but whatever happened was destiny
15 years passed with lot of memories
Few good, some of them ugly still very much in the bag of treasury

People change with time, no fault in that
Priorities change, meaning of love change, no shame in that
Who gains blaming for the failure, neither of two
It’s the loss which both of them have to suffer it too

Today end of 15 years, love has remained to be a cliche
It has lost it’s priority due to so many glitches
Hard to mend, hard to come together, hard to stand up once again
Life is tough,sometimes we want to lose for God knows what to gain!


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